Sponsorship Information

IEPC is the premier international forum for developers, researchers, managers, scholars, and students in the field of electric propulsion for spacecraft. The IEPC is held every other year and is attended by about 300 participants. IEPC2013 will have a rich and diverse technical program featuring the latest developments and research results in the field, as well as a number of informative and educational events along with technical visits to nearby facilities.

Number of companies and institutions have already committed to generously sponsor IEPC2013 and the events that will take place during the conference. Your company's sponsorship of IEPC2013 would further reflect the country’s commitment to electric propulsion and help to insure that the special events of the conference are memorable, informative, and successful, worthy of the occasion. Support from our sponsors will also allow us to keep the conference registration fees down and subsidize a large part of the registration of graduate students, thus giving them an opportunity to interact with the EP community and increase their likelihood of joining the field as professionals.

Several different sponsorship options exist, including:

  • Student travel grant competion
  • Gold level ($10,000)
  • Silver level ($5,000)
  • Sponsor level ($3,000)

We will make sure that all appropriate venues and published items (website, posters, abstracts booklets, banners, technical papers, handouts, etc.) prominently feature your company's logo. Furthermore, sponsors at the gold level will be provided with an exhibit booth at the technical expo. If your company would like become a sponsor of IEPC2013, please contact Prof. Michael Keidar via email (keidar@gwu.edu) or phone (202) 994-6929 for further information.