Conference Agenda

IEPC2013 Technical Program

HT1 : Hall Thrusters I : Monday AM : Room 301
Session Chairs: Yevgeny Raitses and Thomas Liu
09:00T. Misuri, "HT-5000 Hall Thruster to Improve Small Launcher Capabilities", IEPC-2013-279
09:20R. Conversano, "Magnetically Shielded Miniature Hall Thruster: Development and Initial Testing", IEPC-2013-201
09:40H. Kamhawi, "Voltage-Current Characteristics of the High Voltage Hall Accelerator", IEPC-2013-446 (Abstract)
10:00A. Lorand, "Alternate propellants for PPS® Hall-Effect Plasma Thruster", IEPC-2013-074 (Abstract)
10:20R. Corey, "Qualification of the SPT-140 Subsystem", IEPC-2013-040 (Abstract)
10:40C. Ducci, "HT100D performance evaluation and endurance test results", IEPC-2013-140
11:00R. Hofer, "Wear test of a magnetically-shielded Hall thruster at 3000 seconds specific impulse", IEPC-2013-033
HTM1 : Hall Thruster Modeling I : Monday AM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Alec Gallimore and Mark Hopkins
09:00M. Crofton, "Momentum Modeling of a Hall Thruster Plume", IEPC-2013-374
09:20O. Kalentev, "Strategy of Multiscale Modelling for Combined Thruster-Plume Models", IEPC-2013-126
09:40M. Cappelli et al, "Entropy closure model for transport in Hall thruster simulations", IEPC-2013-088
10:00H. Li, "Numerical investigation of high-frequency azimuthal wave in Hall thrusters", IEPC-2013-230 (Abstract)
10:20Y. Zhao, "Particle-in-Cell Simulations for a variable magnet length Cusped-Field thruster", IEPC-2013-171
IT1 : Ion Thrusters I : Monday AM : Room 307
Session Chairs: Joseph Cassady and Kimiya Komurasaki
09:00R. Shastry, "Status of NASA’s Evolutionary Xenon Thruster (NEXT) Long-Duration Test as of 50,000 h and 900 kg Throughput", IEPC-2013-121
09:20S. Araki, "Particle Simulation of Near-Surface Cusp Confinement of Weakly Ionized Plasma", IEPC-2013-349
09:40Y. Nakayama, "Neutral Pressure Measurement in an Ion Thruster Discharge Chamber", IEPC-2013-106
10:00S. Weis, "Overview, Qualification and Delivery Status of the HEMPT based Ion Propulsion System for SmallGEO", IEPC-2013-299
10:20F. Tanaka, "Experimental Visualization of Ion Thruster Neutralization Phenomena", IEPC-2013-107
10:40W. Ohmichi, "Insight into Performance Improvement of ECR Neutralizer", IEPC-2013-315
11:00M. Berger, "RIT Propulsion Systems for All-Electric Telecommunication Satellites", IEPC-2013-302 (Abstract)
11:20J. Duras, "Interactions between ion thruster plumes and vessel walls", IEPC-2013-059
11:40C. Volkmar, "Numerical Determination of Induced Electric Eddy Fields Inside Arbitrarily Shaped Induction Coils", IEPC-2013-085
PO1 : Program Overviews : Monday AM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Meg Nazario and Hans Leiter
09:00V. Khodnenko, "Activities of VNIIEM in EPT field. History, our days and prospects", IEPC-2013-065
09:20A. Bulit, "ESA Propulsion Laboratory", IEPC-2013-075
09:40A. Reissner, "Development Status and Future of the European Electric Propulsion Plume Database", IEPC-2013-206
10:00N. Puettmann, "Electric Propulsion in Germany: System activities today, institutions involved, challenges coming up", IEPC-2013-257
10:20H. Harmann, "µFCU - A miniaturized Flow Control Unit for Xenon", IEPC-2013-227
MPD1 : MPD Thrusters I : Monday AM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Eduardo Ahedo and Andy Hoskins
10:40N. Koyama, "Performance Characteristics of Steady-State MPD Thrusters with Permanent Magnets and Multi Hollow Cathodes for In-Space Propulsion", IEPC-2013-094
11:00M. Kong, "Geometric Effects on the Acceleration Mechanisms in Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters", IEPC-2013-115
11:20M. Li, "Modeling Magnetic Nozzle Effects in Different Plasma Radii with an Axisymmetric Particle-in-cell Method", IEPC-2013-150
11:40Y. Xu, "Numerical Investigation of the Influence of the Ambipolar Electric Field on Magnetic Nozzle Detachment", IEPC-2013-167
MA1 : Mission Analysis I : Monday AM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Roger Myers and Douglas Spence
09:00L. DeMaster-Smith, "Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) Benefits for Near Term Space Exploration", IEPC-2013-045
09:20M. Leomanni, "Precise Attitude Control of All-Electric GEO Spacecraft using Xenon Microthrusters", IEPC-2013-070
09:40D. Oh, "Discussion of Solar Electric Propulsion Options for Discovery Class Missions", IEPC-2013-124
10:00T. Wu, "Low-Thrust Attitude Control for Nano-Satellite with Micro-Cathode Thrusters", IEPC-2013-366
10:20A. Korsun, "The Electrophysical Effects of Force Interaction between EP Exhaust and Spacecraft Surfaces", IEPC-2013-173 (Abstract)
10:40J. Dankanich, "Mission and System Advantages of Iodine Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-357 (Abstract)
MP1 : Micropropulsion I : Monday AM : Room 311
Session Chairs: Mark Cappelli and John Foster
09:00S. Dandavino, "Design and fabrication of the thruster heads for the MicroThrust MEMS electrospray propulsion system", IEPC-2013-127
09:20A. Rossodivita, "Life Test Campaign of the FT-150© FEEP Microthruster at Alta", IEPC-2013-240 (Abstract)
09:40T. Sakai, "Characteristics of a Laser-electrostatic Hybrid Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-260
10:00S. Fuchikami, "Development of vacuum arc thruster for nano satellites", IEPC-2013-264
10:20C. Ryan, "Experimental Progress Towards the MicroThrust MEMS Electrospray Electric Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-146
DI1 : Diagnostics I : Monday AM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Steve Snyder and Azer Yalin
09:00Y. Lim, "Accurate measurement of an ion energy distribution of Hall thruster plasma using an ExB probe", IEPC-2013-218 (Abstract)
09:20S. Yan, "Spectral Diagnosis of Hall Thruster Coupling With Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-231 (Abstract)
09:40R. Tsukizaki, "Plasma Diagnostics of the µ10 ECR Ion Thruster Using Optical Fiber Probes", IEPC-2013-270
10:00F. Hey, "Development of a Highly Precise Micro-Newton Thrust Balance", IEPC-2013-275
10:20B. van Reijen, "High Precision Thrust Vector Determination through Full Hemispherical RPA Measurements assisted by Angular Mapping of Ion Energy Charge State Distribution", IEPC-2013-284
10:40C. Eichhorn, "Plasma Diagnostics in the Plume of a Radiofrequency Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-295
11:00P. Köhler, "Beam Diagnostics for Mini Ion Engines", IEPC-2013-297
11:20W. Hargus, Jr., "Background Pressure Effects on Krypton HET Internal Acceleration", IEPC-2013-340
HT2 : Hall Thrusters II : Monday PM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Brad King and Akihiro Sasoh
13:00H. Kamhawi, "Integration Test of the High Voltage Hall Accelerator System Components", IEPC-2013-445
13:20N. Yamamoto, "Developments of Robust Anode-layer Intelligent Thruster for Japan IN-space propulsion system", IEPC-2013-244
13:40J. Snyder, "Peak Power Tracking and Multi-Thruster Control in Direct Drive Systems", IEPC-2013-044
14:20Y. Mito, "Performance Characteristics of High-Power, High-Specific-Impulse Hall Thrusters for Japanese In-Space Propulsion", IEPC-2013-096
14:40J. Szabo, "Iodine Propellant Space Propulsion", IEPC-2013-311
15:00L. Garrigues, "Design and first test campaign results with a new flexible magnetic circuit for a Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-250
15:20E. Beiting, "EMI Tests of the HEMP Thruster Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-120
15:40H. Lin, "Lifetime Assessment of Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-172
16:00M. Rubanovich, "Experimental Investigations of Components Determining CAMILA Hall Thruster Performance", IEPC-2013-235
16:20J. Szabo, "Eight Kilowatt Hall Thruster System Characterization", IEPC-2013-317
HTP1 : Hall Thruster Plasmas I : Monday PM : Room 301
Session Chairs: Amnon Fruchtman and Richard Hofer
13:00M. Kozintseva, "Experimental Research of Deflection of SPT Thrust Vector", IEPC-2013-083
13:20Y. Shi, "Driving Low Frequency Azimuthal Modes in Cylindrical Hall Thrusters with a Segmented Anode", IEPC-2013-176
13:40M. McDonald, "Practical Application of Wide Bandwidth Floating Emissive Probes and Wavelet Analysis to the X2 Nested Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-352
14:00W. Frias, "Gradient drift instabilities in Hall plasma devices", IEPC-2013-175
14:20M. Griswold, "Operation of a Plasma Lens in the Plume of a Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-360 (Abstract)
15:00M. Dabiri, "Plasma properties inside a small Hall Effect Thruster", IEPC-2013-415
15:20K. Hara, "Low Frequency Oscillation Analysis of a Hall Thruster Using a One-Dimensional Hybrid-Direct Kinetic Simulation", IEPC-2013-266
15:40M. Crofton, "Neutral Xenon Density in the SPT-140 Near-Field Plume", IEPC-2013-399
16:00W. Choe, "Comparison of beam characteristics between annular type and cylindrical type low power Hall thrusters", IEPC-2013-221 (Abstract)
ET1 : Electrothermal Thrusters : Monday PM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Kurt Hohman and Samuel Jun Araki
13:00K. Matsumoto, "Performance Characteristics of Low-Power Arcjet Thrusters Using Low Toxicity Propellant HAN Decomposed Gas", IEPC-2013-095
13:20J. Geng, "Demixing in the Low Power Argon/Helium Arcjet", IEPC-2013-369
13:40A. Passaro, "Development and Test of XR-150, a New High-Thrust 100 W Resistojet", IEPC-2013-219
14:00M. Kinoshita, "Application of the Hollow Cathode to DC Arcjet", IEPC-2013-243
14:20D. Nakata, "Development of Long-life Lightweight Arcjets", IEPC-2013-292
14:40Q. Le, "Development of a 1 kW class thermal arcjet thruster TALOS", IEPC-2013-238
15:00W. Sun, "Numerical Simulation of Nonequilibrium Flow in a Low-power Hydrogen Arcjet", IEPC-2013-406
IT2 : Ion Thrusters II : Monday PM : Room 307
Session Chairs: John Yim and Justin Pucci
13:00A. Aanesland, "The PEGASES Gridded Ion-Ion Thruster Performance and Predictions", IEPC-2013-259
13:20E. Turkoz, "2D Axisymmetric Fluid and Electromagnetic Models for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) in RF Ion Thrusters", IEPC-2013-294
13:40G. Soulas, "The Impact of Back-Sputtered Carbon on the Accelerator Grid Wear Rates of the NEXT and NSTAR Ion Thrusters", IEPC-2013-157
14:00D. Gerst, "ExB probe investigation of the PEGASES thruster ion beam in Xe and SF6", IEPC-2013-130
14:20A. Hubble, "Laser-Collisional Induced Fluorescence Study of Electron Distributions in a Magnetic Cusp", IEPC-2013-367
14:40K. Kubota, "Three-dimensional Hybrid-PIC Simulation of Microwave Neutralizer", IEPC-2013-098
15:00B. Yavuz, "Design, Manufacturing Method and Testing of an 80 mm Diameter Prototype RF Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-333 (Abstract)
15:20K. Lüskow, "Non-Equidistant Particle-In-Cell for Ion Thruster Plumes", IEPC-2013-067
15:40W. Gärtner, "3D Thermal Simulation of a µN-RIT", IEPC-2013-298
16:00B. Dankongkakul, "Electron Loss at a Magnetic Cusp for a Range of Upstream Magnetic Field Conditions", IEPC-2013-331
AC1 : Advanced Concepts I : Monday PM : Room 311
Session Chairs: Alexandra Bulit and Joshua Rovey
13:00J. Mueller, "Direct Fusion Drive Rocket for Asteroid Deflection", IEPC-2013-296
13:20M. Ruiz, "Space Missions potentially benefit or enabled by prospective use of Helicon Plasma Thrusters", IEPC-2013-273
13:40J. Del Valle Gamboa, "Measurement of the Dielectric Wall Erosion in Helicon Plasma Thrusters: an Application to the VASIMR(R) VX-CR Experiment", IEPC-2013-188
14:00A. Keller, "Parametric Study of HEMP-Thruster, Downscaling to microN Thrust Levels", IEPC-2013-269
14:20D. Kuwahara, "Experimental Study on Electrodeless Electromagnetic Acceleration in Helicon Plasma Thruster", IEPC-2013-112
14:40U. Bauder, "Modeling of a DC-RF-Plasmathruster with the Navier-Stokes Code SINA", IEPC-2013-324
15:20J. Slough, "Electromagnetically Driven Fusion Propulsion", IEPC-2013-372
15:40P. Turchi, "An Electric Propulsion System Based on Controlled Fusion and Electromechanical Energy Conversion", IEPC-2013-062
16:00J. Squire, "VASIMR® Spaceflight Engine System Mass Study and Scaling with Power", IEPC-2013-149
16:20E. Choueiri, "Plasma Dynamics in a Beating Electrostatic Wave Powered Magnetic Null Thruster", IEPC-2013-363 (Abstract)
16:40Y. Oshio, "Experimental Investigation of Thrust Characteristics of Magnetoplasma Sail", IEPC-2013-160
DI2 : Diagnostics II : Monday PM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Joseph Wang and Jonathan Walker
13:00A. Spethmann, "Spatially Resolved Momentum Flux Measurements for Thruster Plume Diagnostics", IEPC-2013-079
13:20E. Bering, III, "The ISS Space Plasma Laboratory: A Proposed Electric Propulsion On-Orbit Workbench", IEPC-2013-104
14:00N. MacDonald, "Time-Synchronized CW-Laser Induced Fluorescence Velocity Measurements of a Diverging Cusped Field Thruster", IEPC-2013-118 (Abstract)
14:20S. Ciaralli, "u-PPTs diagnostics: a high accuracy impulsive thrust balance", IEPC-2013-165
14:40Y. Li, "Langmuir Probe Measurements of a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster", IEPC-2013-187
15:00K. Holste, "Emittance measurement setup facilitating plasma diagnostic of ion thrusters", IEPC-2013-191
15:20B. Seifert, "Development and Verification of a µN Thrust Balance for High Voltage Electric Propulsion Systems", IEPC-2013-208
15:40A. Neumann, "The 250mN Thrust Balance for the DLR Goettingen EP Test Facility", IEPC-2013-211
BP1 : Basic Processes I : Monday PM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Kristina Lemmer and Tony Schönherr
13:00C. Olsen, "An Experimental Study of Plasma Detachment from a Magnetic Nozzle in the Plume of the VASIMR® Engine", IEPC-2013-123
13:20P. ELIAS, "2D fluid models of a magnetized plasma in a closed chamber", IEPC-2013-139
13:40S. Sun, "A Simple Collisional-Radiative Model Applicable to Argon Arcjet", IEPC-2013-190
14:00M. Giambusso, "A Plan to Study the Radiated Emissions from a VASIMR® Engine Exhaust Plume", IEPC-2013-199
14:20E. Choueiri, "Experimental Characterization of Plasma Heating with Beating Electrostatic Waves at High Wave Energy Density", IEPC-2013-204 (Abstract)
14:40I. Dey, "Microwave-Plasma Interaction in a Miniature Plasma Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-223
15:00M. Patino, "Application of Auger Spectroscopy for Measurement of Secondary Electron Emission from Conductors for Electric Propulsion Devices", IEPC-2013-320
15:20T. Matlock, "Near Anode Plasma in the Plasma Surface Interaction Facility at UCLA", IEPC-2013-327
15:40C. Dodson, "Computational Modeling of a High Power Plasma Source for Material Interaction Experiments", IEPC-2013-224
16:00I. Schweigert, "Effect of electron secondary emission from the wall on sheath formation in dc discharge", IEPC-2013-460 (Abstract)
HT3 : Hall Thrusters III : Tuesday PM : Room 301
Session Chairs: Peter Peterson and Mitchell Walker
13:00N. Yamamoto, "Development of a novel power processing unit for Hall thrusters", IEPC-2013-248
13:20A. Loyan, "Electric Propulsion System based on Small Hall ThrusterSPT-20M for Microsatellites", IEPC-2013-386 (Abstract)
13:40M. Potapenko, "Development and Research of the Plasma Thruster with a hollow magnet Anode PlaS-40", IEPC-2013-052
14:00M. Nakles, "A 205 Hour Krypton Propellant Life Test of the SPT-100 Operating at 2 kW", IEPC-2013-347
14:20A. Loyan, "Middle Power Hall Effect Thrusters with Centrally Located Cathode", IEPC-2013-410
14:40R. Florenz, "First Firing of a 100-kW Nested-channel Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-394
15:00F. Marchandise, "EPS-500 development status", IEPC-2013-063
15:20T. Ikeda, "Development of Low-Power Cylindrical type Hall Thrusters for Nano Satellites", IEPC-2013-109
15:40O. Mitrofanova, "Influence of SPT magnetic field on life time characteristics of the thruster", IEPC-2013-051
16:00W. Huang, "Effect of Background Pressure on the Performance and Plume of the HiVHAc Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-058
16:20A. Lovtsov, "Development and Qualification of Hall Thruster KM-60 and the Flow Control Unit ", IEPC-2013-055
HTP2 : Hall Thruster Plasmas II : Tuesday PM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Nat Fisch and Scott King
13:00Y. Raitses, "Electron Emission from Nano- and Micro-Engineered Materials Relevant to Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-390
13:20A. Veselovzorov, "Azimuthal oscillations and dynamics of electrons into channel of Stationary Plasma Thruster.", IEPC-2013-080
13:40K. Sawlani, "Towards Understanding the EEDF Variations in a Hall Thruster Channel due to Secondary Electron Emission in a Highly Controlled Crossed Field Experiment", IEPC-2013-398
14:00S. Tsikata, "The small-scale high-frequency ExB instability and its links to observed features of the Hall thruster discharge", IEPC-2013-261
14:20A. Petin, "Time-averaged and time-varying plasma potential in the near- eld plume of a Hall thruster.", IEPC-2013-214
14:40S. Barral, "Active Control and Excitation of Breathing Oscillations in a Hall Thruster with a Fast Digital Signal Processor", IEPC-2013-339
15:00M. McDonald, "Comparison of Breathing and Spoke Mode Strengths in the H6 Hall Thruster Using High Speed Imaging", IEPC-2013-353
15:20B. Lee, "Real Time Boron Nitride Erosion Measurements of the HiVHAc Thruster via Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy", IEPC-2013-119
16:00D. Goebel, "Conducting Wall Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-276
16:20T. Maksymenko, "Investigations of Discharge Chamber Material Influence on Small Hall Thruster Parameters", IEPC-2013-381
PP1 : Pulsed Plasma Accelerators I : Tuesday PM : Room 311
Session Chairs: Hani Kamhawi and Thomas Trottenberg
13:00D. Kirtley, "Development of a Steady Operating Pulsed Power System for FRC and Inductive Thrusters", IEPC-2013-361
13:20T. Shindo, "Conceptual Design of High Efficiency Breech-Fed Ablative PPT in Tokyo Metropolitan University", IEPC-2013-263
13:40W. Meeks, "Argon and Xenon Pulsed Theta-Pinch Plasma via Optical Emission Spectroscopy", IEPC-2013-378
14:00N. Antropov, "Ablative Pulsed Plasma Thrusters R&D in Russia since the Beginning of the 90s", IEPC-2013-068
14:20J. Waldock, "Electromagnetic Optimization of FRC-Based Pulsed Plasma Thrusters", IEPC-2013-376
14:40P. Gessini, "Low Power Ablative Pulsed Plasma Thrusters", IEPC-2013-344
15:00T. Schönherr, "Mechanical Probe and Modeling Efforts for Evaluation of Plasma Creation and Acceleration in PPT", IEPC-2013-241
15:20S. Kisaki, "Research and Development of Electrothermal Pulsed Plasma Thruster Systems onboard Osaka Institute of Technology PROITERES Nano-Satellites", IEPC-2013-097
15:40M. Pfaff, "Transient and Steady State Thermal Modeling of Pulsed Inductive FRC Based Thrusters", IEPC-2013-377
16:00M. Lau, "Pulsed Plasma Thruster Endurance Operation Stress Testing at IRS", IEPC-2013-255
16:20A. Sun, "Understanding the start of pulsed discharges with 3D particle simulations", IEPC-2013-151 (Abstract)
FP1 : Flight Programs I : Tuesday PM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Rafael Spears and Ryan Conversano
13:00J. Gonzalez del Amo, "European Space Agency Activities in Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-037
13:40H. Nagano, "A New Orbit Control Algorithm for the 20 mN Class Ion Engine System", IEPC-2013-064
14:00J. Brophy, "Near-Earth Asteroid Retrieval Mission (ARM) Study", IEPC-2013-082
14:20E. Rezugina, "All EP Platform: Mission Design Challenges and Subsystem Design Opportunities", IEPC-2013-093
14:40N. Egami, "R&D, Launch and Initial Operation of the Osaka Institute of Technology 1st PROITERES Nano-Satellite with Electrothermal Pulsed Plasma Thrusters and Development of the 2nd Satellite", IEPC-2013-100
15:20H. Gray, "Development and Qualification Status of the Electric Propulsion System for the BepiColombo Mission", IEPC-2013-114
15:40S. Clark, "BepiColombo Electric Propulsion Thruster and High Power Electronics Coupling Test Performances", IEPC-2013-133
AC2 : Advanced Concepts II : Tuesday PM : Room 307
Session Chairs: Andriy Loyan and Ioannis Mikellides
13:00K. Takahashi, "Helicon plasma thruster experiments controlling cross-field diffusion within a magnetic nozzle", IEPC-2013-163
13:40F. Trezzolani, "Low Power Radio-Frequency Plasma Thruster Development and Testing", IEPC-2013-153
14:00J. Navarro-Cavallé, "Helicon Plasma Thrusters: prototypes and advances on modeling", IEPC-2013-285
14:20M. Wartelski, "Self-consistent Simulations of Interactions Between Spacecraft and Plumes of Electric Thrusters", IEPC-2013-073
14:40F. Ebersohn, "Preliminary Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Magnetic Nozzles", IEPC-2013-334
15:00L. Garrigues, "Two-dimensional Particle-In-Cell model of the extraction region of the PEGASES ion-ion plasma source", IEPC-2013-249
15:20Y. Ashida, "Full Kinetic Analysis of Small-scale Magneto Plasma Sail in Magnetized Solar Wind", IEPC-2013-105
15:40S. Berg, "Assessment of High-Power Electric Multi-Mode Spacecraft Propulsion Concepts", IEPC-2013-308
16:00A. Lucca Fabris, "Traveling Magnetic Field Plasma Accelerator", IEPC-2013-086
16:20S. Tonooka, "Thrust Characteristics of Helicon Plasma Thrusters", IEPC-2013-253
16:40R. Nomura, "Numerical Study of Lissajous Acceleration for Electrodeless Plasma Thruster", IEPC-2013-210
MP2 : Micropropulsion II : Tuesday PM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Kunning (Gabe) Xu and Nikolaos Gatsonis
13:00A. Rossodivita, "Alta’s 1 milliNewton Class FEEP Emitter Characterization", IEPC-2013-293 (Abstract)
13:20M. Pietzka, "Innovative Vacuum Arc Thruster for Cubesat Constellations", IEPC-2013-306
13:40E. Meyer, "Ionic liquid ferrofluid electrospray with EMIM-NTf2 and ferrofluid mode studies with Ferrotec EFH-1 in a non-uniform magnetic field", IEPC-2013-319
14:20L. Singh, "Operation of Spindt-Type Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathodes in a Hall Effect Thruster Environment", IEPC-2013-348
14:40M. Abaimov, "CubeSat Microwave Electrothermal Thruster (CµMET)", IEPC-2013-359
15:00A. Shashurin, "Comparative analysis of micro-cathode arc thruster performance", IEPC-2013-389
15:20S. Haque, "Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster Phonesat Experiment for Small Satellites", IEPC-2013-409
HC1 : Hollow Cathodes I : Tuesday PM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Jay Polk and John Williams
13:00A. Lovtsov, "Autonomous Tests of the Cathode for Use in the Discharge Chamber of the High Power Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-054
13:20C. Qiao, "Hollow Cathode Life Test for the 80 mN Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-060
14:00R. Thomas, "High Power Hollow Cathode Plasma Plume Measurements", IEPC-2013-076
14:20D. Pedrini, "Theoretical Model of a Lanthanum Hexaboride Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-111
14:40D. Frollani, "Thrust Measurements on T6 Hollow Cathode Thruster Using Direct Thrust Balances", IEPC-2013-129
15:00R. Albertoni, "Preliminary Characterization of a LaB6 Hollow Cathode for Low-Power Hall Effect Thrusters", IEPC-2013-137
15:20I. Mikellides, "Numerical Simulations of the Partially-ionized Gas in a 100-A LaB6 Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-142
15:40M. Plasek, "Resonant Mode Transition in the RF-Controlled Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-205
16:00B. van Reijen, "Environmental and Operational Qualification of the THALES Mixed Metal Hollow Cathode Neutralizer for the HEMP-T based Ion Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-282
16:20L. Rand, "Instant Start Electride Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-305
16:40A. Ozturk, "Design and Testing of Different Insert Region Heaters of a Lanthanum Hexaboride Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-322 (Abstract)
HTP3 : Hall Thruster Plasmas III : Wednesday AM : Room 301
Session Chairs: Rostislav Spektor and Olivier Duchemin
09:00M. Sekerak, "Azimuthal Spoke Propagation in Hall Effect Thrusters", IEPC-2013-143
09:20J. Lukas, "Magnetic Field Angle Effects on Sheath Formation Near a Flat Plate Surface with Applications to Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-432 (Abstract)
10:00G. Makrinich, "Electron temperature and plasma potential measurements in a radial plasma source", IEPC-2013-272
10:20I. Kaganovich, "Plasma-Wall Interaction in Presence of Intense Electron Emission from Walls", IEPC-2013-132
10:40R. Shastry, "Langmuir Probe Measurements within the Discharge Channel of the 20-kW NASA-300M and NASA-300MS Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-122
HTM2 : Hall Thruster Modeling II : Wednesday AM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Mariano Andrenucci and Serge Barral
09:00C. Lam, "Two-Dimensional Simulations of Coherent Fluctuation-Driven Transport in a Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-212
09:40A. Shagayda, "On Scaling of Hall Effect Thrusters", IEPC-2013-056
10:00F. Taccogna, "3D Fully Kinetic Simulation of Near-Field Plume Region", IEPC-2013-419
10:20F. Taccogna, "Revealing the Physics of Hall Thruster by Particle Model", IEPC-2013-148
10:40J. Geng, "On the potential solver in Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-371 (Abstract)
11:00J. Miedzik, "Wall-Induced Cross-Field Electron Transport with Oblique Magnetic Field Lines", IEPC-2013-077
PP2 : Pulsed Plasma Accelerators II : Wednesday AM : Room 307
Session Chairs: Paolo Gessini and Anthony Pancotti
09:00R. Pahl, "Argon and Xenon Plasma Energy Analysis in a Pulsed Inductive Test Article", IEPC-2013-362
09:20M. Tanaka, "Flowfield Simulation and Performance Measurement of Electrothermal Pulsed Plasma Thrusters onboard Osaka Institute of Technology PROITERES Nano-Satellite Series", IEPC-2013-099
09:40M. Karima, "Characteristics of High-repetition Rate Operation of a Laser-assisted Pulsed Plasma Thruster", IEPC-2013-193
10:00M. Coletti, "PPT development for Nanosatellites applications: experimental results", IEPC-2013-198
10:20Y. Oigawa, "Improvement of Laser-Electromagnetic Hybrid Thruster", IEPC-2013-265
MA2 : Mission Analysis II : Wednesday AM : Room 307
Session Chair: Dave Manzella
10:40E. Tverdokhlebova, "The Compatibility of a Spacecraft with High Power Supply Capacity and the Plasma Environment", IEPC-2013-174 (Abstract)
11:00I. Kronhaus, "Design of the UWE-4 Picosatellite Orbit Control System using Vacuum-Arc-Thrusters", IEPC-2013-195
11:20A. Ruggiero, "Small Electric Propulsion Platform for Active Space Debris Removal", IEPC-2013-217
11:40N. Strange, "Overview of Mission Design for NASA Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission Concept", IEPC-2013-321
AC3 : Advanced Concepts III : Wednesday AM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Davina Di Cara and Taylor Matlock
09:00T. Harle, "Direct Performance Measurements of the High Powered Quad Confinement Thruster (QCT1500)", IEPC-2013-283
09:20G. Herdrich, "Kinetic modeling of the jet extraction mechanism in spherical IEC devices", IEPC-2013-416
09:40J. Jarrige, "Performance comparison of an ECR plasma thruster using argon and xenon as propellant gas", IEPC-2013-420
10:00C. Syring, "Experimental Discharge Characterization and Scaling of IEC Plasma Devices", IEPC-2013-289
10:20A. Faust, "Comparison of Plasma Diagnostics of a Helicon Thruster using Argon and Water Vapor with Helium", IEPC-2013-408
PS1 : Power Supplies and Sources : Wednesday AM : Room 311
Session Chairs: Vlad Hruby and Francesco Taccogna
09:00R. Braeg, "The Power Supply and Control Unit for the HEMP Thruster", IEPC-2013-134 (Abstract)
09:20E. BOURGUIGNON, "Power Processing Unit Activities at Thales Alenia Space Belgium (ETCA)", IEPC-2013-213
09:40R. Visee, "Miniaturized HV Power Supply", IEPC-2013-258
10:00A. Pampaloni, "A Direct Drive System Application for Hall Effect Thrusters", IEPC-2013-278
10:20R. Blott, "Is there a future for fission nuclear electric propulsion?", IEPC-2013-325
10:40L. Pińero, "High Input Voltage Discharge Supply for High Power Hall Thrusters Using Silicon Carbide Devices", IEPC-2013-388
MP3 : Micropropulsion III : Wednesday AM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Alexey Shashurin and Taisen Zhuang
09:00K. Xu, "Micro-Propulsion Concepts Utilizing Microplasma Generators", IEPC-2013-084
09:20D. Di Cara, "Experimental Validation of RIT Micro-Propulsion Subsystem Performance at EPL", IEPC-2013-090
09:40D. Reppin, "Concepts for micro-thrusters based on solid state ion conductors", IEPC-2013-128
10:00K. Huhn, "Investigation of the emission behavior of miniaturized SU-8 based colloid emitters", IEPC-2013-141
10:40J. Sheehan, "Plasma Adiabaticity in a Diverging Magnetic Nozzle", IEPC-2013-159
11:00J. Lun, "Influence of Cathode Shape on Vacuum Arc Thruster Performance and Operation", IEPC-2013-177
11:20Y. Takao, "Three-Dimensional Particle-in-Cell Simulation of a Miniature Microwave Discharge Ion Thruster mu1", IEPC-2013-186
11:40A. Reissner, "mN-FEEP Thruster Module Design and Preliminary Performance Testing", IEPC-2013-207
FP2 : Flight Programs II : Wednesday AM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Richard Blott and Michael Kazeev
09:00M. De Tata, "SGEO Electric Propulsion Subsystem Development Status and Future Opportunities", IEPC-2013-144
09:40O. Duchemin, "Electric Propulsion Thruster Assembly for Small GEO: End-to-End Testing and Final Delivery", IEPC-2013-222
10:00A. Lazurenko, "Progress in Testing of QM and FM HEMP Thruster Modules", IEPC-2013-274
10:20W. Hoskins, "30 Years of Electric Propulsion Flight Experience at Aerojet Rocketdyne", IEPC-2013-439
10:40E. Cardiff, "Asteroid Retrieval Propulsion and Flight Dynamics Concepts", IEPC-2013-455
ST1 : Standards for EP Diagnostics : Wednesday PM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chair: John Dankanich
14:00C. Farnell, "Electrostatic Analyzers with Application to Electric Propulsion Testing", IEPC-2013-300
14:20J. Sheehan, "Accurately Determining the Plasma Potential Using Emissive Probes", IEPC-2013-313
14:40K. Polzin, "Standard Practices for Usage of Inductive Magnetic Field Probes with Application to Electric Propulsion Testing", IEPC-2013-392
15:00J. Dankanich, "Recommended Practice for Pressure Measurements and Calculation of Effective Pumping Speeds during Electric Propulsion Testing", IEPC-2013-358
15:20J. Snyder, "Flow Control and Measurement in Electric Propulsion Systems: Towards an AIAA Reference Standard", IEPC-2013-425
15:40J. Polk, "Recommended Practices in Thrust Measurements", IEPC-2013-441
16:00D. Kirtley, "EP Test Standards: Fabrication, Calibration, Usage of Magnetic Flux Probes with Application to Electric Propulsion Testing", IEPC-2013-447
16:20D. Brown, "Test Methodology and Analysis of Faraday Probes with Application to Plasma Plumes for Spacecraft Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-449 (Abstract)
MPD2 : MPD Thrusters II : Wednesday PM : Room 301
Session Chairs: David Kirtley and Tommaso Misuri
14:00A. Quraishi, "Numerical Study on the Operating Limits of Magnetoplasmadynamic Thrusters", IEPC-2013-182
14:20K. Miyazaki, "Experimental Study of a 1-MW-Class Quasi-Steady-State Self-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster", IEPC-2013-234
14:40S. Yokota, "Steady-State, Applied-Field, Rectangular MPD Thrusters", IEPC-2013-246
15:00A. Boxberger, "Experimental Test Campaign of Gas-fed Steady State Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster SX3", IEPC-2013-251
15:20A. Kawasaki, "MHD and Thermal Simulations of a Radiation Cooled Self-field MPD Thruster", IEPC-2013-262
15:40R. Moeller, "Influence of Tailored Applied Magnetic Fields on High-Power MPD Thruster Current Transport and Onset-Related Phenomena", IEPC-2013-379
16:00J. Walker, "High-Speed Imaging of the First Kink Mode Instability in a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster", IEPC-2013-384
HTM3 : Hall Thruster Modeling III : Wednesday PM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Kenichi Kubota and Roland Florenz
14:00E. Cha, "Implementation of an Entropy closure model for twodimensional hybrid Hall thruster simulations", IEPC-2013-216
14:20B. Smith, "Computation of Total and Differential Sputter Yields of Boron Nitride Using Molecular Dynamics", IEPC-2013-156
14:40K. Matyash, "3D simulation of the rotating spoke in a Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-307
15:00D. Danilko, "Quasineutral PIC electron guiding center modeling in the presence of slow cross-field electron transport in a Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-286
15:20A. Plokhikh, "Test Data Analysis and Simulation Modeling for the Electromagnetic Emission from Stationary Plasma Thrusters", IEPC-2013-168
15:40L. Garrigues, "A two dimensional (azimuthal-axial) Particle-In-Cell model of a Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-252
16:00S. Cho, "Development of a Hall Thruster Fully Kinetic Simulation Model Using Artificial Electron Mass", IEPC-2013-178
16:20S. King, "Power Density and Temperature Effects on Hall-Effect Thruster Efficiency", IEPC-2013-350 (Abstract)
16:40D. Escobar, "Global Stability Analysis of Azimuthal Oscillations in Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-304
MA3 : Mission Analysis III : Wednesday PM : Room 307
Session Chair: Bruce Pote
14:00A. Ilin, "VASIMR Solar Powered Missions for NEA Retrieval and NEA Deflection", IEPC-2013-336
14:20S. Haque, "Low-Thrust Orbital Maneuver Analysis for Cubesat Spacecraft with a Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster Subsystem", IEPC-2013-365
14:40W. Deininger, "Solar Electric Propulsion Demonstration Mission Trajectory Trades", IEPC-2013-456
15:00C. Koppel, "The Electric Propulsion Library of ESPSS for system simulation", IEPC-2013-403
15:20J. Brophy, "30-kW SEP Spacecraft as Secondary Payloads for Low-Cost Deep Space Science Missions", IEPC-2013-405
15:40W. Deininger, "Solar Electric Propulsion Demonstration Mission Baseline Concept Description", IEPC-2013-457
16:00L. Provinciali, "Lagrangian Coherent Structures in the Elliptic Restricted Three-body Problem and Space Mission Design", IEPC-2013-414
16:20S. Gabriel, "The Applicability of Pulsed Plasma Thrusters to Rendezvous and Docking of Cubesats.", IEPC-2013-424
16:40M. McGuire, "Mission Design of the Spiral Escape for the NASA Asteroid Redirection Mission Concept", IEPC-2013-395 (Abstract)
HC2 : Hollow Cathodes II : Wednesday PM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Ryudo Tsukizaki and Dan Goebel
14:00B. An, "Influence of an Insert with a Cylindrical Core on Hollow Cathode Performance", IEPC-2013-330 (Abstract)
14:20V. Vekselman, "A Comparative Study of Heaterless Hollow Cathode: 2D PIC Modeling vs. Experiment", IEPC-2013-380
14:40B. Jorns, "Temporal Fluctuations in a 100-A LaB6 Hollow Cathode", IEPC-2013-385
15:00L. Liard, "Fluid simulation of a microwave plasma cathode", IEPC-2013-396
15:20J. Foster, "Preliminary Characterization of Ion Energy Spectra Acquired from High Current Hollow Cathodes", IEPC-2013-437
15:40Y. Ohkawa, "Observation and Analysis of Graphite Hollow Cathode after 45,000-Hour Life Test", IEPC-2013-364
16:20J. Sato, "Effect on Electron Emission of Inductively Coupled Plasma Cathode's Length", IEPC-2013-435
BP2 : Basic Processes II : Wednesday PM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Ane Aanesland and Mike Sekerak
14:00T. Trottenberg, "Experimental Investigation of Momentum Transfer to Solid Surfaces by the Impact of Energetic Ions and Atoms", IEPC-2013-329
14:20J. Wang, "Kinetic Simulations of Plasma Plume Potential in a Vacuum Chamber", IEPC-2013-343
14:40S. Langendorf, "Effect of ion-neutral collisions on sheath potential profile", IEPC-2013-346
15:00D. Feili, "Testing and Comprehensive Modeling of a GIE Utilizing Atmospheric Propellants", IEPC-2013-354
15:20I. Beilis, "Physics of a Vacuum Arc for a Plasma Thruster Application", IEPC-2013-391
15:40A. Smolyakov, "Coupled fluctuations of bulk plasma and the sheath in plasmas with E_0 \times B_0 drift ", IEPC-2013-400
16:00S. Roshanpour, "Effect of electrons non-mirror reflection from potential shield on plasma borders inside helicon and Hall effect thrusters", IEPC-2013-411
AC4 : Advanced Concepts IV : Wednesday PM : Room 311
Session Chairs: David Jacobson and Bruno K. Meyer
14:00H. Saleh, "Mathematical Model of Acceleration Stage of Magnetic Inductive Pulsed Plasma Thruster for Quasi-Stationary Mode of Operation", IEPC-2013-197 (Abstract)
14:20A. Knoll, "Thrust Balance Characterization of a 200W Quad Confinement Thruster for High Thrust Regimes", IEPC-2013-155
14:40I. Bell, "Investigating the Potential of Miniaturized Electrodynamic Tethers to Enhance ChipSats", IEPC-2013-373
15:00T. Oyama, "Impulse Vector Characteristics of a Laser Ablation Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-181
15:20J. Castro Nieto, "VASIMR® VX-CR Experiment: Status, Diagnostics and Plasma Plume Characterization", IEPC-2013-202
15:40J. Little, "Plasma transport in a converging magnetic field with applications to helicon plasma thrusters", IEPC-2013-125
16:00M. Merino, "Influence of Electron and Ion Thermodynamics on the Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Expansion", IEPC-2013-247
HT4 : Hall Thrusters IV : Thursday AM : Grand Ballroom
Session Chairs: Brian Gilchrist and Timothy Smith
09:20T. Schönherr, "Design and Performance Evaluation of Thruster with Anode Layer UT-58 for High-Power Application", IEPC-2013-242
09:40H. Kamhawi, "Performance and Thermal Characterization of the NASA-300MS 20 kW Hall Effect Thruster", IEPC-2013-444
10:00B. Welander, "Demonstration of the XR-12 Hall Current Thruster", IEPC-2013-451
10:20W. Huang, "Farfield Plume Measurement and Analysis on the NASA-300M and NASA-300MS", IEPC-2013-057
HTP4 : Hall Thruster Plasmas IV : Thursday AM : Room 301
Session Chairs: Hartwig Ellerbrock and Benjamin Longmier
09:00A. Kapulkin, "Ion Beam Instability in Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-071
09:20A. Diallo, "Spoke-Induced Ion Distribution Velocity Function Perturbation in Hall Thruster: An Heterodyne Approach with Coupled Wave Excitation and Laser-Induced Fluorescence", IEPC-2013-239
09:40J. Vaudolon, "Low and high frequency oscillations of the accelerating electric fi eld in a Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-089
10:00S. Oghienko, "Generation of Microwave Range Electromagnetic Radiation in the Hall Thruster Plasma", IEPC-2013-072
10:20E. Beiting, "Near Field Maps of Xenon Ion Velocity of the SPT-140 Hall Thruster by Laser Induced Fluorescence", IEPC-2013-053
10:40H. Dragnea, "Characterization of Eroded Boron Atoms in the Plume of a Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-158
11:00X. Zhang, "Study on low frequency oscillation characteristics in double stages hall thrusters", IEPC-2013-226 (Abstract)
11:20L. Yan, "Study of accelerated channel wallӮs sputtering in Hall thruster", IEPC-2013-256 (Abstract)
IT3 : Ion Thrusters III : Thursday AM : Room 302
Session Chairs: Richard Wirz and Robert Jankovsky
09:00Y. Sugita, "Plasma Diagnostics in a Miniature Microwave Discharge Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-245
09:20T. Baruth, "Examination of the External Magnetic Field generated by a Radio-Frequency Ion Thruster (RIT)", IEPC-2013-196
09:40R. Henrich, "Three Dimensional Simulation of Micro Newton RIT’s", IEPC-2013-301
10:00P. Taunay, "Numerical Simulations of a Miniature Microwave Ion Thruster", IEPC-2013-194
10:20C. Scharlemann, "Test of a novel FEEP emitter with LISA PF thruster hardware", IEPC-2013-407
10:40Y. Cao, "The erosion mechanism of accelerator grid aperture walls of ion thruster", IEPC-2013-426 (Abstract)
11:00B. van Reijen, "High Specific Impulse Solutions for Orbit Raising, Orbit Topping and Station Keeping with the HEMP-T Electric Propulsion System", IEPC-2013-281
11:20H. Watanabe, "Sensitivity Analysis on Ion Acceleration Grid Erosion in Ion Thrusters", IEPC-2013-268
PP3 : Pulsed Plasma Accelerators III : Thursday AM : Room 311
Session Chairs: Carsten Scharlemann and Robert Thomas
09:00N. Antropov, "IONOSFERE Satellite with APPT Based EPS", IEPC-2013-066
09:20Z. Zhang, "Investigations on the Flowing Pulsed Plasma of a 20 J Pulsed Plasma Thruster", IEPC-2013-147
10:00S. Barral, "Development Status of an Open Capillary Pulsed Plasma Thruster with Non-Volatile Liquid Propellant", IEPC-2013-291
10:20S. Ciaralli, "PPTCUP lifetime test tesults", IEPC-2013-164
FP3 : Flight Programs III : Thursday AM : Room 307
Session Chair: John Brophy
09:00C. Casaregola, "Electric Propulsion for Commercial Applications: In-Flight Experience and Perspective at Eutelsat", IEPC-2013-332
09:20T. Liu, "Integration of Electric Propulsion Systems with Spacecraft – An Overview", IEPC-2013-355
09:40S. Rothaus, "µFCU - Results of a Prequalification Test Campaign", IEPC-2013-228
10:00J. Haderspeck, "Verification of a Flow Control Unit with Gas Purifier and Integration into the HEMP Thruster Module", IEPC-2013-280
10:20J. Cardin, "Qualification of an Advanced Xenon Flow Control Module", IEPC-2013-382
DI3 : Diagnostics III : Thursday AM : Room 308
Session Chairs: Ben Jorns and Marlene Patino
09:00C. Durot, "Development and Validation of a Novel Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Technique", IEPC-2013-356
09:20R. Spektor, "Infrared Thermographic Diagnostic for Imaging Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-452
09:40J. Ferreira, "Plasma Diagnostic System Development for Permanent Magnet Hall Thrusters", IEPC-2013-428
10:00S. Chakraborty, "Development of a bipolar Time-of-Flight spectrometer with extended ion-guide to characterize electrospray microthrusters", IEPC-2013-413
10:40A. Friss, "Towards a Cavity Enhanced Thomson Scattering Diagnostic for Electric Propulsion Research", IEPC-2013-351
MP4 : Micropropulsion IV : Thursday AM : Room 310
Session Chair: Edward J. Beiting
09:00D. Packan, "Micronewton balance measurements at Onera and application to the GAIA mission", IEPC-2013-418
09:20J. Slotten, "Cathode Spot Movement in Vacuum Arc Using Silicon Cathode", IEPC-2013-422
09:40D. Chiu, "Alternating Electrode Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster design and performance", IEPC-2013-429 (Abstract)
10:00A. Borner, "Coupled Molecular Dynamics - Three-Dimensional Poisson Simulations of Ionic Liquid Electrospray Thrusters", IEPC-2013-453
10:20T. Brandt, "Magnetohydrodynamics and particle-in-cell codes simulation of plasma processes in micro HEMP thrusters", IEPC-2013-145
AC5 : Advanced Concepts V : Thursday AM : Room 310
Session Chairs: Mark Crofton and Holger Kersten
10:40T. Schönherr, "Analysis of Atmosphere-Breathing Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-421
11:00J. Likar, "Solar Array Operation in HCT Plume: Electrostatic Discharge Generated Plasma Expansion Velocity Measurements", IEPC-2013-316
11:40M. Takahashi, "6-DOF Flight Dynamics of Laser-Boosted Vehicle Driven by Blast Wave", IEPC-2013-179
POSTER : Posters : Monday PM : Grand Ballroom
M. Nishida, "Research and Development of Hall Thruster Series at Osaka Institute of Technology", IEPC-2013-101
H. Chen, "Performance Prediction of Electrothermal Pulsed Plasma Thruster Systems onboard Osaka Institute of Technology PROITERES Nano-Satellite Series", IEPC-2013-102
R. Muraoka, "Research and Development of Osaka Institute of Technology PROITERES Nano-Satellite Series with Electric Rocket Engines", IEPC-2013-103
T. Miyasaka, "Investigation of Side by Side Hall Thruster System", IEPC-2013-110
A. Yilmaz, "Charge Exchange Ions on the Hump of Hall Thruster Plume ", IEPC-2013-113 (Abstract)
H. Wang, "Effects of Asymmetric Secondary Emission on Plasma Properties in Hall Thruster Acceleration Channel", IEPC-2013-131
Y. Jia, "The evaluation of LHC-5 hollow cathode heater realiability", IEPC-2013-161
J. Chen, "PIC/MCC simulation computational modeling of a ion thruster discharge chamber", IEPC-2013-162
J. Long, "Study on the infections of magnetic field of hall thruster", IEPC-2013-166
L. Daren, "Optimum Analysis of GEO Transfer Using Mixed Chemical and Multi-Mode Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-184 (Abstract)
W. Liqiu, "The temperature online monitoring of Hall thruster electromagnetic coils", IEPC-2013-185 (Abstract)
P. Jugroot, "Electrohydrodynamic Modeling of Electrospray Cone-Jets for Spacecraft Propulsion", IEPC-2013-203 (Abstract)
S. Mori, "Effects of Electric Charge in Capacitors on Pulsed Plasma Thruster Performance with External Magnetic Field", IEPC-2013-254
A. Ando, "Enhancement of thrust performance of a MPD thruster with a magnetic nozzle", IEPC-2013-338
J. Bejhed, "Advanced Flow Control Devices based on MEMS Technology for Electric Propulsion", IEPC-2013-368
S. singh, "Study of different kind of Magnetic Field and Density Profiles of a Hall Thruster", IEPC-2013-393 (Abstract)
N. Yamamoto, "Development of a miniature microwave discharge neutralizer for miniature ion engines", IEPC-2013-412
R. Ganapathy, "Magnetoplasmadynamic Electric Propulsion Thruster: Design,Fabrication and Application – ISRO Sponsored Project", IEPC-2013-454 (Abstract)
A. Lucca Fabris, "Ion Velocimetry Measurements and Particle-In-Cell Simulation of a Cylindrical Cusped Plasma Accelerator", IEPC-2013-458
A. Englesbe, "Measurement of the Sheath Potential with Secondary Electron Emission: Progress toward a Laser-Induced Fluorescence Technique for Low-Density Xenon Plasmas", IEPC-2013-459